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Archive for March 2013

A prostate nodule back in the day was the number one reason to biopsy the prostate. Today the number one reason is an abnormal PSA and the most common finding on rectal exam for the patient with prostate cancer is...a normal exam. Dr. McHugh's podcast on the subject sheds a bit of light on this subject and frustrating concept that some patients have difficulty grasping.

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Patients will often choose to have their prostate removed for prostate cancer because, " I can always have radiation after having the prostate removed but not vice versa." True...but does it matter. In this podcast some of the caveats of this very nuanced disease as it pertains to this line of reasoning and whether it matters or not is discussed by Dr. John McHugh a prostate cancer survivor and author of "The Decision" which is in the top five for paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com for the subject of prostate cancer. He was also chosen as the number one Online Influencer for Prostate Cancer by Sharecare Now for 2012.

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