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That the psa goes down after a course of antibiotics is encouraging...but not definitive. A better messure of things is the trending of the value of the psa over period of time. Your urologist will know how to advise you on this and the timing and necessity of a prostate biopsy.

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Since the needle that takes the prostate speciment at the time of a biopsy goes through the rectal mucosa first the possibility of an infections exists. This historically has been a low risk issue but recently and nationally it is becoming more prevalent. There is not a good answer as yet to this other than a heightened sense of awareness on the part of the patient to recognize that something is not right and to contact the urologist at the earlies sign of fever or difficulty voiding. In addition, it is making the point that a patient should thoroughly evaluate the need for the biopsy in the first place, i.e. if cancer were found would you treat it. If the answer is no and there are risks associated with the biopsy then maybe don't consent to it.

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